Pumpkin guts, old jack-o-lanterns, costumes from the ghosts of Halloween Past and of course, the TONS of leftover candy! (well maybe not the most desirable chocolate ones but you know those, yucky black and orange wrapper ones)
Halloween Candy

Lots of waste on Halloween and after

What to do with all of this waste? All holidays can produce an enormous amount of holiday cheer surplus but is Halloween the most? Probably not, but it does it’s fair share of competing. What is someone eco-friendly like yourself to do with all that waste? Well, luckily all the candy rejects, the moldy jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin innards can be composted! Hurray!!!! Check out Green Halloween’s video here to see how easy-breezy it is.

As for the old costumes, donating will probably be the best option as well as participating in a costume swap next year!

Green Halloween
For some other great greening your halloween tips, visit: http://greenhalloween.org

And a big shout-out to Portland, OR!

Portland Oregon Composts

Portland Oregon Starts Residential Composting

Starting today, (Oct 31) Portland residents can now put out their food scraps for collection at the curb along with their yard debris in their green carts. Every household (about 180,000) received a 2-gallon food scrap collection bucket and coupons for compostable bags.

Residents may use newspaper, paper bags and approved compostable bags (i.e. BioBags) to line their pails. If you or someone you know lives in Portland, you can get BioBags at the approved retailers linked here.

For more information about the Portland Composting Program visit, portlandcomposts.com