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BioBag® has been featured in various news outlets and product reviews. Below you will find links to these resources.

BioBag Print Features

ABS-CBN Interactive

Dogster Magazine

Fox 6 Now Milwaukee

Fox 9 Minneapolis

Fox 21 News Colorado Springs

Good Housekeeping

The Huffington Post

MSW Management Magazine

The New York Times


BioBag Blog Features

24/7 Moms


Adventure or Bust

Daily Kos

Earth Hero

Equiopaws Pet Service

Fusion Magazine

Gardening Know How

Green Scene Mod Life

Heather Gardens

Hopscotch Mom

Indianapolis Dogs Examiner

It’s Not Easy Being Green

IU Foundation Green Team

The Modern Day Girlfriend

Mommy Goes Green

Mother Nature Network

My Plastic Free Life

My r-Awesome Life

A Nation of Moms

Natural Food Network

NY Magazine: The Strategist

Our Everyday Earth

Oxford Observer

Real Simple

Rover/The Dog People

Serious Eats

She Scribes

Sustain Yo Self

Sustainable Jungle


This Dog’s Life

Veg News

BioBag Product Reviews

Sustainable Jungle


Life with My Boys

Mom Central

My r-Awesome Life

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings

Pinnacle Dog Food

Stephany’s Sweet Life

Three Different Directions

The Whole Dog Journal

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