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Denver Boulder Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) A1 Organics approved compostable bags

BioBag® small kitchen counter top compostable bags are Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) approved and accepted for A1 Organics Residential and Commercial Organics Recycling Streams.

You may have heard the news about the new rules for residential and commercial composting in the Denver/Boulder/Front Range areas. Because of frequent contamination issues with the food scrap collection program, A1 Organics (the area’s hauler and composter) restricted the use of compostable products allowed in their pick up and composting services for residents and commercial businesses. The GOOD & NEW news (as of April 1st), specific brands of small compostable bags, like BioBag, have been allowed back into the program after acknowledging how compostable bags actually reduce contamination and increase participation.

Please be aware that BioBag is one of only four brands accepted into this program because of our validation to compost efficiently and effectivity by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA). You can see more about the acceptable brands of compostable bags here.

Be advised that these are the ONLY accepted brands at this time. Buying ‘online’ only brands, whom are mostly manufactured in Asia, will not be accepted and could be rejected.


You can find BioBag accepted products at a number of retail outlets in your area by using our store locator.

Denver Boulder Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) approved compostable bags buy via Earth Hero

Or buy online LOCALLY from EARTH HERO! (3 gallon Food Scrap Bags are accepted bags)


Denver Boulder Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) approved compostable bags buy via Amazon

Amazon.com also sells accepted BioBag products. (Both the 2.6 gallon and 3 gallon Food Scrap Bags are accepted bags.)



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Find the full list of Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) approved products here.

Why/About CMA
Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) is a global leader in providing industrial composting facilities an acceptance standard for compostables by performing field disintegration testing. Not all ‘certified’ compostable items will compost (break down) as fully or quickly as needed. This is because traditional certification standards measure compostability based on laboratory conditions, not actual field conditions, therefore some “compostable” items don’t fully compost with A1 Organic’s technology. The result is either a finished compost with contamination or disposal of the compostable materials to a landfill, voiding their intended purpose. CMA certified bags are the only compostable bags A1 Organics accepts.
(Source: https://a1organics.com/acceptables/)

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