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BioBag New Products
New Compostable Cling Wrap
First of Its Kind: Certified
Compostable Cling Wrap
for the Retail Market

Item # 186790
11.4 IN x 65.6 FT x .32 MIL
(62.3 sq ft)
12 boxes per case


  • Certified Compostable, meets ASTM D6400
  • Alternative to polyethylene-based cling wraps
  • Prevents / restricts the food from exposure to moisture and oxygen
  • High water vapor transmission rate which helps keep foods fresher, longer
  • First compostable cling wrap for in-home use

  • Adheres to most surfaces including glass, metal and ceramics
  • Made without plasticizers or other additives that may be transferred to the food
  • Good for all kinds of foods, including those with high fat and acid content
  • Extremely good puncture resistance and elasticity
  • FDA Approved

For pricing information or to place an order, call 727-789-1646
or email

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