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BioBag Organics Diversion

Photo Credit: Compost Crusader, Milwaukee, WI

BioBag® is the World’s largest brand of certified compostable bags and films and has operations in more than 20 countries. Over the past few decades we have had the privilege to work with 1000’s of communities pioneering residential and commercial organic diversion programs. In short: We Get It!

Communities around the world are recognizing organic “waste” as a resource. The EPA estimates that more than 30% of landfill bound waste is organic material. Instead of burying food scraps and soiled paper in landfills where they create methane gases (a greenhouse gas 30 times more harmful than carbon dioxide), our BioBags enable organics to be separated from landfill bound waste and delivered to compost facilities. There, what once was wasted can be turned into nutrient rich compost. Not only does compost reduce farmers needs for petro-fertilizers but it also enables soil to retain up to 30% more water than soils without compost…returning organics back to the soil just makes sense!

Residential Food Scraps

Residential Food Scrap Collection BinMany households utilize our BioBags to compost at home where we assist in getting food scraps from the kitchen to their backyard compost pile or bin, however many municipalities recognize that to capture the most organic material possible curbside collection is required.

In Europe, it is common for municipalities to supply kitchen food scrap bins/curbside organics bins as well as an ongoing supply of compostable liners to their residents. This model achieves the highest organics capture rates possible. This model, however, is not common in North America, where municipalities more often supply only kitchen and curb bins. Municipalities recognize that BioBags increase participation by reducing “ick factors” normally associated with food scraps so compostable liners are often offered as a “starter kit” but thereafter residents are expected to get compostable liners at retail.

Our retail partners help increase awareness and participation in the municipal programs through in-store signage, education, and local outreach programs. BioBag provides personalized support and guidance to any of our retailers looking to promote diversion programs in their communities.

Furthermore, we offer municipalities customizable starter rolls of compostable liners as well as free UmiMax Food Scrap Collection Buckets for residential pilots. Beyond the physical tools we offer, liners and bins, we can share what we have learned in the partnership work with the many pioneering programs in which we have guided. Our experience with surveying, data auditing, and developing outreach is unparalleled in the industry. This is another reason that sets BioBag apart from being “just another bag manufacturer” and why we are sought out to help new pilots and established programs maximize household participation and capture rates. Check out our Discount Program for New Pilots and more information about our food scrap bags and buckets.

Residential Lawn and Leaf

Residential Lawn & Leaf CollectionPolyethylene yard waste bags are slowly being banned from many municipal programs because they are difficult for composters to sort out and discard.

Compostable BioBags are used in many communities because of the advantages of compostable plastic over paper. BioBags offer better weather durability than paper, reduce non yard waste contamination, and extend truck routes because they take up less space and weigh less. Dozens of communities customize their BioBags with city logos and messages and offer BioBags directly to their residents. More information about our customization capabilities and our standard Lawn & Leaf Bags.

Commercial Organics Programs

Lets face it…restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, grocery stores, and food processors create a lot of waste…most of it organic material that should be composted instead of landfilled. Commercial Organics ProgramsWhether your business is composting due to local legislation, or your own sustainability goals, we offer the tools and knowledge to make collecting food scraps cleaner and easier. BioBag offers a wide array of liners (up to 96 gallons) for commercial collection of organics as well as to-go bags, produce bags, and re-sealable storage bags. Review our commercial line-up.

Campus Sustainability Programs

Campus Sustainability ProgramsMeet and exceed sustainability goals with compostable waste bags and organic waste diversion. BioBag manufactures certified compostable food waste and lawn clean up bags. We have assisted many colleges and schools around the U.S. with increasing their organic waste diversion rates by providing an easy, sanitary solution for the collection and composting of organics.

We’d like to be connected to your academic community and campus initiatives. Our compostable can liners are perfect for your food service operations and grounds maintenance. Try us today.

Request complimentary compostable bag samples!

Often Overlooked Organics

Beyond common organics diversion efforts (food scraps and yard waste), BioBag is working with multiple partners in developing composting alternatives for often overlooked materials such as dog waste, diapers, and animal mortality. Contact us to learn more!

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