BioBag Americas, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a product store locator on the brand’s website, This product locator is prominently displayed as a top navigational feature and will allow consumers to search at the UPC-level for the specific BioBag products closest to them.  The store locator leverages Destini’s database of scan data from over 100,000 retail locations to instantly locate the closest point of real-time in-store availability. This solution is designed to both enhance user experience while also providing valuable insights on product demand and distribution.

“In the past, consumers would have to call in to find physical stores carrying our products near them or shop online using our links to eCommerce vendors. By implementing this new product locator, we can now offer our consumers immediate access to local product availability via computer or mobile device,” said Jennifer Pope, BioBag’s VP of Marketing. “The user experience is exceptional, and we love the convenience it provides to our customers. Not only will the locator show stores that carry BioBag, but it pinpoints which stores carry a specific product, so whether a consumer is using food scrap bags, pet waste bags, or another retail product, they’ll be able to easily locate what they need. It’s fantastic!”

Consumers can test out the new BioBag store locator at and contact the company at with any comments or issues concerning the feature.

Any retailers currently stocking BioBag products not listed in the Destini database can contact the company at to have their location(s) added to the Destini store locator.

About Destini:

Destini is the leading cross-channel store-level data product locator and intelligence solution across the US and Canada for the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry. Founded in 2012, Destini developed the largest centralized product availability database in the US, connecting data from over 100,000+ retail locators to allow brand customers to search for any product and locate it at a local store or online retailer for purchase. Today, Destini offers a variety of data-driven sales and marketing solutions to help brands more effectively connect consumers to their products and manage their store-level performance. Visit to learn more and schedule a live demo.